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Alan Burt Akers
Renee Angers
Helen Barker
Anthony Burns
Moyra Caldecott
Esmé Ellis
J Grundy Fanelli
Suzanne Francis
Dr Cindy Jones
Mary Lancaster
Carol E Meacham
Doug Pike
D Radha-Rose
Roger Taylor
Daniel Wyatt


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Alan Burt Akers is a pen name of the prolific British author Kenneth Bulmer. Under his numerous pseudonyms, Kenneth Bulmer has published over 160 novels and countless short stories, predominantly science fiction.

  1. Transit to Scorpio
  2. The Suns of Scorpio
  3. Warrior of Scorpio
  4. Swordships of Scorpio
  5. Prince of Scorpio
  6. Manhounds of Antares
  7. Arena of Antares
  8. Fliers of Antares
  9. Bladesman of Antares
  10. Avenger of Antares
  11. Armada of Antares
  12. Tides of Kregen
  13. Renegade of Kregen
  14. Krozair of Kregen
  15. Secret Scorpio
  16. Savage Scorpio
  17. Captive Scorpio
  18. Golden Scorpio
  19. A Life for Kregen
  20. A Sword for Kregen
  21. A Fortune for Kregen
  22. A Victory for Kregen
  23. Beasts of Antares
  24. Rebel of Antares
  25. Legions of Antares
  26. Allies of Antares
  27. Mazes of Scorpio
  28. Delia of Vallia
  29. Fires of Scorpio
  30. Talons of Scorpio
  31. Masks of Scorpio
  32. Seg the Bowman
  33. Werewolves of Kregen
  34. Witches of Kregen
  35. Storm over Vallia
  36. Omens of Kregen
  37. Warlord of Antares
  38. Scorpio Reborn
  39. Scorpio Assassin
  40. Scorpio Invasion
  41. Scorpio Ablaze
  42. Scorpio Drums
  43. Scorpio Triumph
  44. Intrigue of Antares
  45. Gangs of Antares
  46. Demons of Antares
  47. Scourge of Antares
  48. Challenge of Antares
  49. Wrath of Antares
  50. Shadows over Kregen
  51. Murder on Kregen
  52. Turmoil on Kregen

Omnibus editions:


Renée Angers was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, a small town outside Toronto. After relocating as many times as there are years in her life, she finds a comfortable permanent home in her writing. Her stories and characters, although fictional, are inspired from the many interesting and provocative personalities she has run into during her second career as a musician.

  • Ice and a Curious Man
    When a reporter interviews a poet, she learns to rudely stare down her own demons and face truths that are rarely respected when numbed by civilized society, in this romantic tale.
  • The Garden
    A tough little boy finds relief from his alcoholic father's brutal physical beatings in an unlikely companion.


Helen K Barker has interests in neo-Paganism, the "Celts", and world mythology. She has a BSc and a MSc in Archaeology and has specialised in studying southern Britain in the Iron Age and Roman periods. She draws on her interests, qualifications and experiences as inspiration for her creative writing.

  • Iceni
    A vivid and exciting interpretation of Boudicca's bloody and barbarous rebellion against the Roman invaders of Britain.


Anthony Burns was born in 1979, and is the son of Welsh poet and novelist Sheenagh Pugh. He read English Literature at the University of Leeds, and in 2004 completed his PhD on Gothic literature and the morbid, vampire-obsessed Romantic poet P B Shelley, probably best known these days as the blond character with very few lines in "Bride of Frankenstein". He has also worked as an alternative model, teaching English in Beijing, and writing advertising copy for a toyshop. His literary and not-so-literary influences include C S Lewis, Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, H P Lovecraft, Bram Stoker, and any mythology that happens to take his liking, but especially Norse and Aztec.

  • Lucille and the Healers
    London, 1929: Lucy Kitson, a poor but star-struck young flapper, finds her mother’s new American lodger fascinating. Sadly, so do some sinister but well-connected scientists...


Moyra Caldecott was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1927, and moved to London in 1951. She married Oliver Caldecott and raised three children. She has degrees in English and Philosophy and an M.A. in English Literature.

Moyra Caldecott has earned a reputation as a novelist who writes as vividly about the adventures and experiences to be encountered in the inner realms of the human consciousness as she does about those in the outer physical world. To Moyra, reality is multidimensional.



Esme Ellis is an artist trained at the Royal College of Art. Since wrestling with and recovering from M.E., she has been lecturing, leading workshops in spiritual and psychological self-awareness, using spiritual energy, meditation and the arts as a means to empowerment, inner growth and self-healing.

She is currently working on a prophetic and visionary work of science fiction.


Dr Jean Grundy Fanelli was born and grew up in Lincoln, England. At first a librarian before opting for her great passion, music; she gained music diplomas, a degree, and doctorate. A lecturer on various foreign university programmes in Italy and author of many scholarly articles and five books, her latest non/fiction work is a general guide to opera, Opera for Everyone. At the moment work is in progress on a history of comic opera as well as a sequel to The War Comes to Witham Street.



Fantasy author Suzanne Francis was born in a hotel in King's Lynn, Norfolk and spent much of her early life traveling widely with her family. In addition to writing, her interests include music, fine cuisine and tramping through New Zealand's countryside. She now makes her home in Dunedin, New Zealand along with her husband and four children.



Cindy Jones earned her Ph.D. in biochemistry and works as a medical writer, consultant and educator. She has written numerous magazine articles as well as educational materials for physicians and the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Jones teaches physiology and biochemistry at local universities as well as herb classes for continuing education programs.



Mary Lancaster was born in Scotland and graduated with honours from the University of St. Andrews. Her degree is in history, a subject which provides the chief inspiration for her writing. She has worked or studied in WalSeptember 22, 2015d eventually settled on the Fife coast, where she still lives with her husband and three young children. Despite having earned a living over the years as Editorial Assistant, Researcher and Librarian, Mary Lancaster has managed to retain her love of books, particularly old and dusty ones. Her interest has always extended to writing them - though, for many years, only for her own amusement.

  • An Endless Exile
    The fictionalized story of the eleventh century hero, Hereward "the Wake", the only Englishman to have defied and defeated William the Conqueror.
  • A World to Win
    Amidst the turbulence of revolutionary Hungary, a Scottish governess falls in love with a young, peasant-born radical determined to change the world.



Doug Pike is a 17-year member of the National Cartoonists Society. For the past six years, he has focused on wine cartoons. They have been featured on world-famous wine critic Robert Parker’s web site, www.eRobertParker.com and formed the basis for his first book, Gone With The Wine, which won the 2009 US Gourmand World Cookbook Award for wine illustration. Prior to becoming a cartoonist, Doug was in the retail business for ten years. He hated it. One of the best decisions he ever made was to sell the business and enroll in art school. Despite a variety of setbacks, he has never regretted the change.  A former New Jersey resident, Doug has lived in Arizona for the past 20 years, with his wife and son.



Roger Taylor was born in Heywood, Lancashire, and now lives in the Wirral. He is a chartered civil and structural engineer, a pistol, rifle and shotgun shooter, instructor/student in aikido, and an enthusiastic and loud but bone-jarringly inaccurate piano player.

He wrote four books between 1983 and 1986 and built up a handsome rejection file before the third was accepted by Headline to become the first two books of the Chronicles of Hawklan.


Historical fiction author Daniel Wyatt is Canadian, born and raised on the prairies of Saskatchewan. He now resides with his wife and two children in Burlington, Ontario, thirty miles outside Toronto. A big baseball fan, Wyatt enjoys collecting Detroit Tigers memorabilia. In the summer months, he coaches a local fastball team.

Wyatt's other published works include The Last Flight of the Arrow and The Mary Jane Mission both originally published by Random House. He also writes aviation articles for magazines in Canada and the United States.



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