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TITLE:  The Fall of Fyorlund cover image for The Fall of Fyorlund by Roger Taylor
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AUTHOR:  Roger Taylor
PUB DATE:  Nov 2002
LANGUAGE:  English
SUBJECT:  Fiction, Fantasy
WORDS:  159000 words (approx.)
    AGE RANGE:  General
ISBN:  1843191113 (PDF), 1843190869 (ePub)



The darkness of ancient times is spreading over the land of Fyorlund and tainting even the Great Harmony of Orthlund. The ailing King Rgoric has imprisoned the much-loved and respected Lords Eldric, Arinndier, Darek and Hreldar; he has suspended the ancient ruling council of the Geadrol; he has formed his own High Guard, filling its ranks with violent unruly men; and Mandrocs have been seen even in Orthlund. At the centre of this corruption is the King's advisor, the evil Lord Dan-Tor, who is determined to destroy the peace won by Ethriss and the Guardians eons ago, and surrender the land to his Dark Lord, Sumeral.

The people look to Hawklan to make a stand against Dan-Tor. But is he a healer or a soldier? Deep within himself, Hawklan has felt an ancient power, and when threatened has been seen to fight like a warrior out of legend. Hawklan knows he must confront Dan-Tor before the land falls forever to the encroaching, eternal night...

"Extremely well written and very readable" -- Science Fiction & Fantasy Reviews

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 Free sample chapters of The Fall of Fyorlund:
Free sample chapters of The Fall of Fyorlund by Roger Taylor:
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