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TITLE:  The Call of the Sword cover image for The Call of the Sword by Roger Taylor
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AUTHOR:  Roger Taylor
PUB DATE:  Nov 2002
LANGUAGE:  English
SUBJECT:  Fiction, Fantasy
WORDS:  63000 words (approx.)
    AGE RANGE:  General
ISBN:  9781843190783 (PDF), 9781843190820 (ePub)



The castle of Anderras Darion has stood abandoned and majestic for as long as anyone can remember. Then, from out of the mountains, comes the healer, Hawklan - a man with no memory of the past - to take possession of the keep with his sole companion, Gavor.

Across the country, the great fortress of Narsindalvak is a constant reminder of the victory won by the hero Ethriss in alliance with the three realms of Orthlund, Riddin and Fyorlund against the Dark Lord, Sumeral, hundreds of years before. But Rgoric, the ailing king of Fyorlund and protector of the peace, has fallen under the malign influence of the Lord Dan-Tor, and from the bleakness of Narsindal come ugly rumours. It is whispered that Mandrocs are abroad again and that the Dark Lord himself is stirring.

And in the remote fastness of Anderras Darion, Hawklan feels deep within himself the echoes of an ancient power and the unknown, yet strangely familiar, call to arms...

The Call of the Sword is the first book of "The Chronicles of Hawklan". The story continues in The Fall of Fyorlund.

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 Free sample chapters of The Call of the Sword:
Free sample chapters of The Call of the Sword by Roger Taylor:
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