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Roger Taylor

The Call of the Sword by Roger Taylor

The Fall of Fyorlund by Roger Taylor

The Waking of Orthlund by Roger Taylor

Into Narsindal by Roger Taylor

Dream Finder by Roger Taylor

Farnor by Roger Taylor

Valderen by Roger Taylor

Whistler by Roger Taylor

Ibryen by Roger Taylor

Arash Felloran by Roger Taylor

Caddoran by Roger Taylor

The Return of the Sword by Roger Taylor

 Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor was born in Heywood, Lancashire, and lived in the Wirral. He was a chartered civil and structural engineer, a pistol, rifle and shotgun shooter, instructor/student in aikido, and an 'enthusiastic and loud but bone-jarringly inaccurate' piano player. He died in 2023, age 85.

He wrote four books between 1983 and 1986 and built up a handsome rejection file before the third was accepted by Headline to become the first two books of the Chronicles of Hawklan.

Also by Roger Taylor:

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A word from Roger Taylor himself...

Those of you who are unfamiliar with my stories might like to know that though they are categorized as fantasy, they are much more. I take some pains to avoid prophesies, curses, magic artefacts, trolls, elves, dragons, wizards etc. In my opinion Tolkein dealt with these both excellently and definitively and he casts a long shadow. One of the unfortunate aspects of modern book marketing is that lumping works in ‘genres’ automatically deters many readers. It is difficult to see the point of this peculiarly negative (British?) approach. It would be far better, surely, to encourage as many people as possible to read as broadly as possible. Certainly, I would very much like to see my own books in ‘General Fiction’ as well as ‘Fantasy & Sci-Fi’.

Those of you who are familiar with my stories will know that while from Dream Finder on, each book stands alone, they also contain slightly disguised characters who are wandering the landscape and the plot for various reasons set in train by the events in the four Chronicles of Hawklan. ‘The Return of the Sword’ draws many of these characters back together again. It proved to be quite a challenge.

Outline of books

Although my books are classified as fantasy, I deliberately avoid such conventional trappings as gods, wizards, trolls, elves, prophesies, curses, magic, magical artefacts and so on. Settings -- landscapes, cities etc -- for the most part, are realistic, as are the people and their responses to extra-ordinary and dangerous situations. All of them have strong female characters.

The Chronicles of Hawklan (four volumes):

The Call of the Sword, The Fall of Fyorlund, The Waking of Orthlund, Into Narsindal.

This is a 'traditional' epic scale fantasy tale dealing with the return of an evil power (Sumeral) to the world, his gradual exposure, the rallying of forces to oppose him -- including the awakening of Hawklan to his own true nature -- and his eventual (apparent) destruction by acts of both private and collective courage.

The remaining books are set against the (distant and unintrusive) background of the events described in the Chronicles, but, with the exception of Farnor and Valderen which together form a single tale, they each stand alone. They can thus be enjoyed singly by new readers, but there is an extra interest for anyone who has read the Chronicles.

Dream Finder: The story of Antyr and his two telepathic companions, the wolves Tarrian and Grayle. In a land of city states, two dominate -- Bethlar, spartan, religious and warlike, and Serenstad, Duke Ibris's city. Troubled by disturbing dreams Ibris turns to the bitter and rapidly deteriorating Antyr on the strength of his previous dealings with Antyr's late father, a prominent and talented dream finder. A war between Bethlar and Serenstad seems inevitable, but the situation is being manipulated by a third force, nomadic tribesmen in the land to the north, united under a charismatic leader Ivaroth who, in his turn, is being used by a mysterious and powerful blind man. As in the Chronicles, the subsequent conflict has to be fought on two levels -- this time, the duke's army against Ivaroth's hordes and Antyr's battle against the blind man in the dream world that fringes the Great Dream.

Farnor, Valderen (two volumes): Farnor is a young man living with his parents on a farm in a remote and isolated valley. Two events coincide. Rannick, an ill-natured labourer becomes linked to a strange wolf-like creature that has emerged from deep caves in the mountains, and a band of mercenaries, fleeing a victorious enemy, seize the valley. Rannick begins to develop strange powers and takes effective control of the mercenaries. He murders Farnor's parents and Farnor is driven north into the Great Forest where he meets the tree dwelling Valderen. Driven by hatred and a desire for vengeance against Rannick, Farnor is drawn to the most ancient of the trees that lie at the heart of the Great Forest. Terrified of what they see in him they seek to bind him but, in a revelation as he flees from them, his purpose in opposing Rannick is transformed from one of vengeance to one of justice. In the end, the Valderen and the valley dwellers battle the mercenaries while Farnor faces Rannick and the creature.

Whistler: The story of Vredech, a priest in the stern religion of Ishrythan, as he struggles with his sanity and the truth of his religious faith when his friend and colleague Cassraw is possessed by a power which threatens to bring war and worse to the land. Interesting secondary characters in this include Privv, a Sheeter, (early tabloid journalist) and Toom Drommel a politician. And, not least, the Whistler -- an enigmatic figure who appears to Vredech in circumstances that might perhaps be dreams -- or not.
Ibryen: Count Ibryen has been driven from his city by the Gevethen, sinister twins who are constantly accompanied by a mirror bearing entourage. Fighting a mountain guerilla war he is slowly losing, Ibryen begins to hear faint and puzzling sounds in the wind. Searching after their source he meets the Traveller, who has also been drawn by the sounds. Forced to accept the futility of his position, Ibryen, accompanied by the Traveller and others go in search of the sound in the hope of learning something that might help them. However, they find only Isgyrn, a lost dweller from one of the cloud cities. Together they return to Ibryen's camp to find that the Gevethen's chief minister Hagen has been murdered and that the Gevethen have committed their entire army to destroying Ibryen's tiny band once and for all.

Arash-Felloran: A huge city, ostensibly governed by a Prefect but in reality ungovernable. Atlon, a learned brother, comes to it in search of a source of the mysterious crystals that have been causing problems in his own land. Accompanied by Dvolci, a felci, he becomes involved in the animal fighting pit known as the Jyolan, an ancient and strange building. Befriended by the blacksmith Heirn he meets Pinnatte, a street thief who, following an act of bravery, has been taken on at the Jyolan by Barran, the one-time bandit and mercenary who controls the crystal trade. Pinnatte however, has unknowingly been made the victim of an experiment by the Kyrosdyn, notionally crystal workers but in reality servants of a dark force. The experiment has failed and Pinnatte finds himself the possessor of powers he does not understand and which seek to possess him. Unable to get help from his homeland, Atlon is driven to confronting both the increasingly crazed and powerful Pinnatte and Imorren, the beautiful but ruthless and cruel leader of the Kyrosdyn.

Caddoran: Thyrn is a young and inexperienced Caddoran, an oral message carrier. He is also exceptional, being sensitive almost to the point of telepathy, and has thus been employed by Vashnar, the commander of Arvenstaat's wardens. Inadvertently, he discovers Vashnar's plot to overthrow the Moot, the antiquated and irrelevant government, and replace it with the ancient rule of the Dictators. In his flight from Vashnar, he is accidentally befriended by the wardens that Vashnar sent to arrest him, and they are all forced to flee into the mountains. On the way, they meet Endryk, a solitary shoreman who saves their lives. As they travel into the mountains they realize that they have no alternative but to return to Arvenstaad to find some way of thwarting Vashnar. Vashnar however, is growing increasingly unstable and has been sought out by the remnant of an ancient force which is seeking to use him as a vessel for its own ends. He takes charge of the hunt for Thyrn personally and he and his men finally confront the fugitives at the place in the mountains which is the source of the evil that has drawn them both there.

Return of the Sword: Though this too stands alone, it is also the culmination of all the previous books. Antyr, Farnor, Vredech, Atlon, Pinnatte and Thyrn arrive at Hawklan's castle, Anderras Darion, where they meet Hawklan and many of the characters from the original Chronicles. The story is concerned with their various journeys, with the reappearance of Sumeral's servants, the Uhriel, now more powerful than ever, and leads to a final confrontation with Sumeral at the heart of dark and ominous labyrinth which guards Anderras Darion's armoury and which kills anyone who strays from the unmarked pathway.




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