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Daniel Wyatt


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Daniel Wyatt


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 Daniel Wyatt

Historical fiction author Daniel Wyatt is Canadian, born and raised on the prairies of Saskatchewan. He now resides with his wife and two children in Burlington, Ontario, thirty miles outside Toronto.

His first published work was a set of first-person stories from World War II allied air force veterans called Two Wings and a Prayer by Boston Mills Press, Erin, Ontario, Canada in 1984. This was followed up in 1986 by Maximum Effort with the same publisher. In 1990, Wyatt made the switch to historical fiction with The Last Flight of the Arrow, a techno-thriller set during the Cold War years of the late 1950's. The Mary Jane Mission came out two years later. Wyatt's other published works include aviation magazine articles in Canada and the United States.

A big baseball fan, Wyatt enjoys collecting Detroit Tigers memorabilia.

Visit Daniel's blog - High on History - at http://danielwyatt.blogspot.co.uk/



The Fuerhermaster
The first book in the Falcon File series, The Fuehrermaster delves deep into the mysterious Rudolf Hess peace flight of World War II.
The Filberg Consortium
The second title in the Falcon File series. A German agent secretly lands in Great Britain with orders from Gestapo chief Heinrich Himmler and financed by I.S. Filberg, the huge German industrial cartel, to identify and kill the prisoner called Rudolf Hess.
Foo Fighters
The third and final book in the Falcon File series. Two high-ranking Nazi officials--Martin Bormann and Hermann Goering--are collaborating with Wesley Hollinger and the American OSS for free passage out of Germany in exchange for blueprints to advanced German technology.
The Mary Jane Mission
A B29 Superfortress continues its 1945 bombing mission on Japan, but the year is 1990, and the race is on to stop a catastrophe.
The Last Flight of the Arrow
The terminated Avro Arrow supersonic fighter blasts its way across the Pacific on a vital mission to save the Free World and avert World War III.
The Cotton Run
An American Civil War story of love and greed as a Rebel blockade-running captain and the woman he loves are forced to deal with the collapse of the American South around them.
Pennant Man
A baseball mystery novel about the breaking of the color line in major league baseball in the mid-forties...
On Route 66
Twelve stories.



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