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Suzanne Francis


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 Suzanne Francis

Suzanne Francis photoSuzanne Francis believes the inspiration for her writing lies in her chronic travel sickness as a child and young adult. While growing up, she happily participated in many family and school trips, though riding in the back seat of a car often left her suffering from nausea for hours on end. To help pass the time, she began telling herself stories, serialized over many days and weeks, often featuring the landscapes through which she was traveling. These imaginary adventures, along with an enduring love of books, sparked her interest in writing.

After earning her BA in Geography, Suzanne worked in many fields, from urban planning to migrant farm work, dishwashing, retail management and massage therapy. She has drawn on these experiences and a lifelong interest in travel to create the unique characters and settings of her novels.

Presently, Suzanne lives in rural Dunedin, New Zealand with her husband Michael and four children. She is the author of six fantasy/romance books, including the four volume series "Song of the Arkafina" and the two volumes of "Sons of the Mariner."


The Song of the Arkafina series

  • Heart of Hythea
    The immortal Amaranthine callously exploit the people of Yrth, until one extraordinary young woman strives to teach them the true meaning of courage and love.
  • Ketha's Daughter
    With a wrathful goddess inside her, an army of Northmen behind her and a killer sword in her hand, Gwenn Faircrow has everything -- except freedom.
  • Dawnmaid
    She hasn’t even seen her first sunrise, yet the Dawnmaid faces certain annihilation -- unless her mother can find a safe haven from Maggrai’s murderous wrath.

  • Beyond the Gyre
    Beneath the towering trees of Deres Tama, fortune unites three generations of women in a desperate attempt to save the Gyre from fiery annihilation.

Sons of the Mariner series

  • Wintermoon Ice
    a spellbinding tale of twos: two cites, two times, two brothers and two women, who must save their world from an unspeakable terror.
  • Summermoon Fire
    When the mirror cracks, Tessa's world will be forever lost, unless Lut and Jakob can reverse the terrifying changes they so foolishly wrought.

Suzanne Francis keeps her blog at www.suzannefrancis.com




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