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NEW TITLE: Seg the Bowman

Volume thirty-two in the saga of Dray Prescot is now available from Fictionwise and all other good ebookstores. Like Delia of Vallia, Seg the Bowman by Alan Burt Akers is an independent novel set on Kregen, and tells the story of an adventure undertaken by Seg, Dray’s sword comrade, in which Dray takes no part. It also forms the last part of the Pandahem Cycle. The original editions of Seg the Bowman did not contain a glossary, unlike the last volumes of most of the previous cycles, so we are pleased to be able to include an excellent Glossary of the Pandahem Cycle, compiled by Els Withers.

The blurb:

Here’s a special treat for everyone who loves novels of high adventure on exotic worlds in the tradition of Burroughs and Norman. For this is such a novel, complete in itself, of Dray Prescot’s fighting comrade, Seg, the finest archer of two worlds. Seg is a wild and reckless fellow, courageous in the face of any adversity, and this is the account of his greatest challenge.

Single-handed, on an enemy island, Seg becomes knight-protector of the mysterious lady Milsi, and by her side, beats off frightful beasts and inhuman foemen intent on blocking her path to a rightful royal inheritance.

It’s action science fiction, heroic fantasy, and high romance under the twin suns of Antares in Scorpio.

For more information, free samples, and to check availability of Seg the Bowman, please go here.