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NEW TITLE: Masks of Scorpio

The thirty-first volume of the saga of Dray Prescot of Earth and of Kregen, is now available from Fictionwise.com and all other good ebookstores. Masks of Scorpio by Alan Burt Akers is the final book of the Pandahem Cycle, although Seg the Bowman, an independent novel following Seg’s adventures in Pandahem after he is seperated from Dray, is also usually included as part of the Cycle.

Here is the blurb:

For Dray Prescot, the task of burning out the cult of the Silver Leem had been given Star Lords priority. Although he was emperor of Vallia, still he had to work incognito on an enemy island until that task was done.

Sided by his warrior daughter, Ros the Claw, and aided by a valiant crew of piratical swashbucklers, Dray invaded the capital of the secret order only to find treachery and terror where he had thought to find treasure and triumph.

It became a battle of golden masks against silver masks – and behind each facepiece could be hiding the bony features of the Grim Reaper himself!

For more information on Masks of Scorpio, and for details of availability, please see here.