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NEW TITLE: Werewolves of Kregen

The thirty-third volume of the fantastic saga of Dray Prescot of Kregen, Werewolves of Kregen by Alan Burt Akers, is available now from Fictionwise and all other good ebookstores.

Here is the blurb:

Dray Prescot is an Earthman, seaman and soldier, brought across four hundred light years to a planet of Antares. The Star Lords, a race advanced beyond our ken, needed him on that world called Kregen.

Now, having at last returned to his home empire, to his wife and his friends, Dray was to learn that the vengeance of his defeated enemies had launched a final assault – with nine occult curses – against Vallia and all that Dray held dear.

The first curse, the plague of murderous werewolves, took Dray by surprise. Could his valor and courage, though tempered on the battlefields of alien suns, stand up against an unprecedented onslaught of warring witchcraft?