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Roger Taylor

It is with great sadness that I must report the passing of Roger Taylor on 25th March 2023, at the age of 85.

Born in Heywood, Lancashire, Roger Taylor made his mark as a civil and structural engineer. His diverse interests included pistol shooting, aikido, and playing the piano.

Roger Taylor’s greatest acclaim came from his epic fantasy novels. His “Chronicles of Hawklan” series, originally published between 1988 and 1999, captivated readers with its multifaceted tale of good versus evil. Building on this success, he expanded the Chronicles with seven more books, concluding the saga with The Return of the Sword. In 2012, he published The Keep, a standalone fantasy work unrelated to the Chronicles, followed by the science fiction novel Travellers in 2020, and the uncategorisable Newman in 2022.

Roger Taylor’s writing explored the idea of embracing one’s darker nature to protect those weaker than oneself. Through his storytelling, he left an enduring impact on the fantasy genre.

Roger was one of the first authors to embrace the risky fledgling world of the “electronic book” or ebook, joining Mushroom Publishing in 2001 to publish his entire fantasy series. He became a good friend and mentor.

Rest in peace, Roger Taylor. You will be missed, but your literary legacy will endure.


NEW: Newman by Roger Taylor

NEW: Newman by Roger Taylor thumbnail

Newman by Roger Taylor, is now available from good ebook stores everywhere, including Amazon (for Kindle), Smashwords, Google Play Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble (for Nook Books).

The blurb:

John Newman’s family has a secret, a huge secret, with a responsibility that affects everyone. And when John takes control of the family business, his actions will have world spanning repercussions.
Newman is an unusual and utterly enthralling family saga – a scathing but hopeful story of ordinary people caught up in both crime and political and governmental corruption.

For more info, please see the Newman page on mushroom-ebooks.com.


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Mushroom Publishing is now accepting new submissions from everyone.

We are mostly interested in science fiction, fantasy, thrillers and historical fiction.

Please see www.mushroom-ebooks.com/submitbook.html for more details and a sample contract.


Travellers, the new science fiction novel by Roger Taylor, is now available from good ebook stores everywhere, including Amazon (for Kindle), iBooks, Smashwords, Google Play Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble (for Nook Books), or read it with a Scribd subscription.

The blurb:

Refugees from the worlds of the galactic centre are seeking a planet on which to make a new home far from the reach of pursuers. They are running dangerously low on resources, and with nowhere else to go the only suitable planet they have found is already inhabited. Its civilisation is dangerously unstable.

Can Taithur, the leader, morally and ethically justify taking the planet, potentially destroying the indigenous and sentient inhabitants?

For more info, please see the Travellers page on mushroom-ebooks.com.


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The Spectre Cycle by Alan Burt Akers, the final The Saga of Dray Prescot omnibus is now available from good ebook stores everywhere, including Amazon (for Kindle), iBooks, Smashwords, Google Play Books, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble (for Nook Books).

The blurb:

The Dray Prescot Saga, omnibus edition, containing books 50 to 52 in the epic series.

Dray Prescot has been chosen by the Star Lords to be the so-called Emperor of All Paz. Together, the countries of Paz must resist the deadly Shanks who raid from over the curve of the world. Delia and Dray Prescot have abdicated the throne of Vallia and now seek to make the dream of a united Paz come true.

Shadows over Kregen
Whether Prescot is battling slavers and freeing slaves with the Kroveres of Iztar, or fighting Fish-heads in the land of the Shanks, he is certain to be thrown into more headlong adventures under the streaming mingled lights of the Suns of Scorpio.

Murder on Kregen
A new page turns in the unruly life of Dray Prescot, and all his strengths and inner resources will be required to confront fresh problems and perils. Join Dray Prescot as he rides south from the port city of Zandikar on the inner sea of the continent of Turismond, the Eye of the World, with his blade comrade Seg Segutorio and the Princesses Velia and Didi of Vallia. Of course, as is the nature of Kregen, they face unexpected peril…

Turmoil on Kregen
The undead monster called the Spectre has been destroyed. Didi herself lies seriously injured in Zandikar in the Eye of the World, lovingly tended by her cousin, Princess Velia. Ulana Farlan, the governor of Didi’s province of Urn Vennar, has been removed from office. Now the rogue and schemer Nath Swantram, Nath the Clis, rules. But the Spectre, dead and animate, is about to terrorize Gafarden again as Tralgan Vorner, the wronged Elten of Culvensax, seeks vengeance on those who betrayed him. Within Vorner the Spectre lives.

Including a glossary to the Spectre cycle.

For more info, please see the The Spectre Cycle page on mushroom-ebooks.com.