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NEW: Demogorgon Rising by Anthony Burns

Demogorgon Rising cover imageDemogorgon Rising by Anthony Burns is now available exclusively for Kindle. Set in a dystopian world and An alternate reality adventure set to a background of Norse mythology, Aztec demonology, and Steampunk science, this is the story of a man who is suddenly removed from all that is familiar, then altered irrevocably and thrust into a new world that he could not possibly imagine.

Anthony Burns is also the author of the vampire novel Lucille and the Healers.

Kindle books can be read on almost any platform – PC, Mac, Android Phone and Tablet, iPhone, iPad. Buy it now from Amazon.

The blurb:

The enlightened state of Lucinia is a place of great knowledge and learning, though many believe that the truest wisdom there is to stay on the right side of the authorities, ask few questions, and trust no-one. As such, it is fertile ground for intrigue to flourish.

A simple and uncurious peasant content with his lot, Chandry Levik becomes an unwilling fugitive as he finds himself caught in a conflict between fanatical activists, the draconian powers that be, and the sinister forces that lie behind them both. His dearest wish is to clear his name and let things return to normal, but that seems no more likely than preventing the apocalyptic war of his dreams from manifesting in reality…