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NEW: Pukka and Fremd by Doug Pike

And now for something rather unique and unusual: Pukka and Fremd by Doug Pike (the author and award-winning cartoonist responsible for The Grapes of Laugh and Splattered on the Road to Wealth) is now available on the Kindle, in Mobipocket format, and in PDF.

Pukka and Fremd are weird English words meaning Genuine and Strange, respectively, and this is a book of genuine and strange weird words, illustrated with 100 beautifully drawn (but weird) pieces of artwork that you wouldn’t usually associate with cartoons.

You can find the ebook on Amazon for the Kindle, at Wowio.com, Fictionwise.com, eBooks.com, mobipocket.com, scribd.com, or most other ebook stores.

Here is the blurb:

Ever had a tranq slipped into your twanky? Ever come across a pawky chouser that was adept at loo? Or (and I promise, this is the last one), have you ever swilled skookum saloop? If your answer to all of the above is a resounding no and you’re curious as to what those bizarre words mean, then Pukka & Fremd is the book for you.

Pukka & Fremd is not, as you might guess, a popular comedic team from the 1950s, or a 60s folk music group. Pukka & Fremd (genuine & strange) is a collection of 100 unique cartoons by syndicated and award-winning cartoonist, Doug Pike.

For years, Doug was an avid Scrabble player, as well as the cartoonist for the National Scrabble Association’s Scrabble News. As an aid to remembering obscure words and their parts of speech, he came up with these remarkable cartoons. As weird as the words are, the drawings are even stranger. Combined, they provide a useful mnemonic for those who enjoy word games and puzzles. For everyone else, they’re just plain fun!