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Three new books for the Summer

I am pleased to announce three new eBooks that we are publishing over the next few weeks:

10th August – The Cotton Run by Daniel Wyatt

Set during the American Civil War, this tells the story of Joshua Denning, captain of a “runner” — a ship running the Union blockades to bring much needed supplies to the Confederates, and trade Southern cotton.

7th September – Wintermoon Ice by Suzanne Francis

The first book of the “Sons of the Mariner” series, in which an unexpected inheritance forces Tessa into the arms of a volatile alien-hunting mariner and challenges her understanding of time and space. It is set in both this world and in the world of Suzanne’s wonderful fantasy romance series, “Song of the Arkafina”.

5th October – The Garden by Renée Evaline Wilks

A modern hard-hitting novel, telling the story of hardened little boy who finds relief from his alcoholic father’s brutal physical beatings in an unlikely companion. Romance blossoms between them as they grow up. The Garden is their refuge and saviour, and its memory pushes them past whatever penances they must endure to find each other again.