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NEW TITLE: Scorpio Triumph


Scorpio Triumph, being volume forty-three of the saga of Dray Prescot and the final volume of the Lohvian Cycle, by Alan Burt Akers, is now available from Fictionwise, eBooks.com, eReader.com, cyberread.com, Mobipocket and Amazon Kindle and all other good online ebookstores.

Previously only published in a German translation in 1993, this is the first time that fans of Dray Prescot have been able to read this book in the original English. This edition also contains a new glossary to the complete Lohvian Cycle compiled by Els Withers.

Here is the blurb:

Reared in the harsh conditions of Nelson’s navy, Dray Prescot has been transported to the exotic and barbaric, beautiful and cruel world of Kregen, four hundred light years from Earth, under the double star Antares, the twin Suns of Scorpio.

Paz, the hemisphere of Kregen where Prescot has adventured and succeeded, is threatened by the reiving Shanks from Schan, the other half of the planet. He has been pitchforked into the job of organizing the resistance, a so-called Emperor of Paz, and has managed – temporarily – to drive off the Shanks and their mentor, the mysterious Carazaar. Now he must concentrate on finding the rubies forming the Skantiklar. These have been scattered in seasons past, and if brought together will confer stupendous sorcerous power on the possessor of the Skantiklar.

Down in the continent of Loh expeditions have ventured below the City of Eternal Twilight into the Realm of the Drums in search of one of the rubies. A Wizard of Loh, Na-Si-Fantong, has been collecting the rubies, and it is believed he wants them for no good purposes. He has succeeded in obtaining a ruby and vanishes into the maze of tunnels under the city. Not really convinced of the importance of the Skantiklar, Prescot has to go in pursuit. Alone, he threads his way through the labyrinth, already feeling he will never catch Na-Si-Fantong…

Scorpio Triumph concludes the Lohvian Cycle of the saga of Dray Prescot. This edition contains a glossary to the Lohvian Cycle.