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FREE BOOK: Child of the Dark Star


Child of the Dark Star by Moyra Caldecott is now available for free from WOWIO. Get it while you can.

This is Moyra Caldecott’s only science fiction novel, and concerns the earthly legend of the crystal skulls (which you may have come across recently in a film starring Harrison Ford) but set on another planet.

Here is the blurb:

There was a planet once called Earth. Its people, scattered like seeds before the wind, came to rest on Agaron…

The Star Law of the planet Agaron had never been questioned – until Bardek arrived in the city of Bar-Geda. His premature birth under the dreaded Dark Star had doomed him to be banished to the marshlands, but he found himself drawn like a magnet to the glittering Temple of the White Star. There he found a girl trapped in crystal. Who was she? Could he release her? And could they, together, outwit the harsh lords of Agaron?

This is the gripping story of one man’s fight to free his mind from the conditioning of a restrictive and powerful system… It is the story of a love that would not accept the Law… It is a story of the last days and the first…