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NEW TITLE: Scorpio Drums

aad42thumbWell, we’ve all been waiting a very long time, but I am now able to announce the much anticipated, first time published in English, Scorpio Drums by Kenneth Bulmer, writing as Alan Burt Akers. Originally translated into and published only in German in 1992 — 16 years is a long wait!

Scorpio Drums is the forty-second volume in the saga of Dray Prescot and the penultimate book of the Lohvian Cycle. It is available now from all good online ebookstores, such as Fictionwise. Go and get your copy now before we run out (only joking, we won’t run out).

Here is the blurb:

Dray Prescot has recently given up the job of being Emperor of Vallia, only to be pitchforked into the task of uniting all the varied continents and islands of Paz to resist the reiving onslaughts of the Shanks. People are beginning to call him the Emperor of Emperors, the Emperor of Paz. During the battle, to his horror, he sees Delia being carried off by a group of the whiptailed Kataki slavers, galloping off astride zorcas. Frenziedly he charges after them… Although previously published in a German translation, Scorpio Drums has never before been published in English.