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NEW TITLE: Ketha’s Daughter

sfkdathumbThe second book in the “Song of the Arkafina” series by Suzanne Francis is now available from Fictionwise.com and all other good ebookstores. Ketha’s Daughter follows on a few years from where Heart of Hythea left off, and is, in my opinion, an excellent read — maybe even better than Heart of Hythea. Book three is due in

Here is the blurb:

Queen Katrione Arkafina ably rules the kingdom of Beaumarais, but she has had less success with her boisterous daughter, Gwenn, born under the sway of a brutal Goddess. Keth Dirane has given Gwenn awesome strength and almost complete invulnerability, but manipulates her cruelly in return. Now, to further her own ends, she convinces Gwenn she must seek revenge for an old betrayal.

On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Gwenn runs away. After she allies herself with some marauding coastal raiders, captained by Gunnar Strong Arm, she has the army she requires. Now, as the dreaded warrior Faircrow, Gwenn will steer the Fynära inexorably towards her former home — the City of Isle St. Valery.

Further information can be found at the Ketha’s Daughter page.