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NEW TITLE: Omens of Kregen

aad36thumbVolume 36 of the saga of Dray Prescot, Omens of Kregen by Alan Burt Akers is now available from Fictionwise.com in multiple ebook formats, and from most other good ebookshops. Omens of Kregen is also the fourth book of the “Witch War Cycle”.

Here is the blurb:

Striving to save his strife torn empire of Vallia from the Nine Unspeakable Curses, Dray Prescot has faced a plague of murderous werewolves and attack by the witch hordes.

Now he must conquer the bloodthirsty forces of the would be king of North Vallia, while at the same time protecting the realm from the evil witch Csitra and her sorcerous son. Journeying to the witch’s dark Maze of Coup Blag, Dray and his comrades must meet the challenge of this realm of traps and treasures, where death waits around every turn, and a wizardly battle of destruction is the price of winning free…

And from the Introduction:

Called to be the Emperor of Vallia, he is putting the finishing touches to the reunification of the islands after the Times of Trouble. The famed and feared Witch of Loh, Csitra, has Pronounced the Nine Unspeakable Curses Against Vallia. Drawing constant strength from his consort, the Empress Delia, Prescot, together with his blade comrades, knows he must deal with the witch and her child, Phunik.

This confrontation, which the Vallians cannot guarantee to be final, they are all somberly aware will not take place under the streaming mingled opaline radiance of the Suns of Scorpio.