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NEW TITLE: Warlord of Antares

aad37thumbWarlord of Antares by Alan Burt Akers is volume thirty-seven in the saga of Dray Prescot and concludes the Witch War Cycle. It is also the last of the titles that were previously published in paperback by Daw Books, Inc. It is now available from Fictionwise.com and all other good ebookstores in multiple formats.

Warlord of Antares also contains a glossary to the Witch War Cycle, compiled by Els Withers.

Here is the blurb:

His empire endangered by the diabolical schemes of the evil witch Csitra, Dray Prescot has been summoned by the powerful Star Lords. Warned by the Star Lords of a dread menace approaching from the South, Dray must take on all challengers to become the Warlord of Kregen, uniting his people against the dual threat of Csitra’s deadly magic, and a seemingly unstoppable invasion by the Shanks, piratical warriors from the Southlands.

But even with the Star Lords’ aid, can Dray and his blade comrades triumph over both dark sorcery and an army of sword wielding destroyers?

And this from the introduction:

…the grouping of continents and islands called Paz are threatened by the Shanks, fish headed reivers from over the curve of the world. Prescot’s task now is to unite all of Paz in alliance against the aggressors. Not all the people of Paz are willing to forget their old enmities. And there is Csitra, the Witch of Loh, who lusts after Prescot and would drag down all of Vallia to ruin for his sake. In the passionate, shrewd, charismatic figure of Delia of Delphond, and his family and blade comrades, Prescot possesses riches past the mundane dreams of empire.