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NEW TITLE: Fires of Scorpio

Fires of Scorpio is volume twenty-nine in the saga of Dray Prescot of Earth and of Kregen by Alan Burt Akers and is now available from Fictionwise.com and all other good online ebook shops (please see the list on the right). Fires of Scorpio is also the third book of the Pandahem Cycle.

Here is the blurb:

Triple trouble always dogged Dray Prescot, especially when he thought he had things under control. This time, involved with setting things right on the continent of Pandahem, the Star Lords yank him away from his friends, and dump him, weaponless, at the gates of the terrible temple of the Leem.

To rescue a girl sacrifice was but the start, for next he had to help Pompino to torch all the temples of the Silver Wonder, and take to the sea to confront the next wave of the fish-headed marauders from Kregen’s Southern Hemisphere.

There’s always lots more going on in Dray Prescot’s adventures on the world of Antares in Scorpio, for this colorful series is the best thing of its kind since Burroughs stopped writing!

For more details and availability information, please see the Fires of Scorpio page.