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NEW TITLE: Delia of Vallia

Volume twenty-eight in the saga of Dray Prescot of Kregen and of Earth by Alan Burt Akers is now available from Fictionwise.com and all the other wonderful ebookstores (see the list on the right). Get it quick to take advantage of some good introductory discounts, such as 15% off for the first week at Fictionwise.

Delia of Vallia is a departure from the story of Dray Prescot himself, telling instead one episode from the life and adventures of Delia, Empress of Vallia, and gives some insight into the mysterious and secretive Sisters of the Rose.

Here is the blurb:

The world of Kregen revolving around the double suns of Antares holds many wonders. There are warrior men and warrior beasts with mighty fraternities of valor and courage. There are whispers of similar organizations among the high-born women of many lands. But men knew little of these save the name Sisters of the Rose and that somewhere there was a secret fortress retreat where martial arts were taught that men never learned.

Now Dray Prescot has at last laid bare the story of these fighting sororities. Here is a thrill-packed adventure of Delia of Vallia, leader of a mystic guild, and of her mission to bring justice to one who had betrayed her blood oath and her empress.

A novel of intrigue, combat, and vengeance that was to bring Delia face to face with the traitress Jilian in the hidden arena of the whip and the claw.

And this is from the introduction:

Delia of Vallia, the story of a lady of quickness and passion, of cool irony and high resolve, is complete in itself and separate from the saga of Dray Prescot.

The Star Lords who brought Dray Prescot to Kregen appear to be changing in their attitude to him, even though he is a mere mortal man. They have favored him with an insight into their plans for that marvelous and mysterious world four hundred light years from Earth, where men and women of many different and exotic races mingle and strive to work out their own destinies under the red and green fires of Antares.

The destiny of the island Empire of Vallia at the moment is one of faction and disarray. Mercilessly savaged by outside foes, both physical and sorcerous, and rent by internal rivalries, the country is slowly gathering itself again after the Times of Troubles. But some unscrupulous people feel that now is the moment to strike and that one more push will bring them to the summit of their ambitions.

Against this background of color and action, intrigue and sorcery, the Star Lords have afforded Dray Prescot the privilege of vicariously sharing in the headlong adventures of Delia — Delia of Delphond, Delia of the Blue Mountains. As the narrative unfolds we know Prescot suffers. The cassettes on which the tale is told are often fuzzy and faint. But love and devotion for Delia, and pride in her courage and resourcefulness and her joyful onslaught against every challenge, stand forth clear and unashamedly. We, too, are privileged to share the story on these cassettes and go alongside Delia of Vallia as she hazards the perils of Kregen under the streaming mingled lights of the Suns of Scorpio.

Further information on Delia of Vallia by Alan Burt Akers and its availability can be found here.