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NEW TITLE: Allies of Antares

Volume thirty-six of the saga of Dray Prescot by Alan Burt Akers is now available from Fictionwise and all other good ebookstores (see the list on the right). Allies of Antares is the last book in the Spikatur Cycle, and sees Dray and his allies fighting to save Vallia from the Wizard of Loh — Phu-Si-Yantong — and the Empress Thyllis of the Empire of Hamal. The original editions of Allies did not contain a glossary, unlike the last volumes of each of the previous cycles, so we are pleased to be able to include an excellent Glossary of the Spikatur Cycle which was lovingly compiled by Els Withers.

Here is the blurb…

Beneath the two suns of Antares, the planet Kregen was truly the wonder of the universe. For there, at the inscrutable planning of unseen powers, had been gathered members of the great races of the galaxy, set down among Kregen’s lands to become part of the wonderful semi civilized cities and kingdoms of that world.

There, too, were natural humans, and their strivings and ambitions colored and led the struggle to create a world of peace. Dray Prescot, Earthman, had been brought there as an agent of the Star Lords, but he had made himself into a rallying point of strength in Kregen’s colorful history.

Now, when the worst war between the humanoid lands had finally concluded, Prescot again confronts the Star Lords, only to learn that the hard won peace was just a transition to a great hemispheric invasion that was even then raiding over the horizon.

For the first time, this volume contains a full glossary of the Spikatur Cycle.

Further information on Allies of Antares by Alan Burt Akers and its availability can be found here.