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NEW TITLE: Mazes of Scorpio

Volume twenty-seven in the saga of Dray Prescot of Kregen and of Earth by Alan Burt Akers is now available from Fictionwise.com and all the other great ebookstores (see the list on the right). Get it quick to take advantage of some good introductory discounts, such as 15% off for the first week at Fictionwise.

Mazes of Scorpio is also the first book of the Pandahem Cycle, which consists of the four books, Mazes of Scorpio, Fires of Scorpio, Talons of Scorpio and Masks of Scorpio. There are also two novels which, although not part of the Pandahem Cycle narrative, are nevertheless considered part of it: Delia of Vallia and Seg the Bowman.

Here is the blurb:

Beneath the emerald and ruby glow of the double suns of Antares lies a marvelous and brilliant world of savagery and beauty. The planet Kregen, where Dray Prescot, Earthman agent of the superhuman Star Lords struggles to bring peace to the world which has become his home. But although his nemesis, the mad empress of Hamal, and her accomplice, the evil Wizard of Loh have been destroyed, Prescot finds that the strands of this enduring battle have not been tied off, for an old conspiracy has been given a new and darker impetus which leads him to the jungle continent of Pandahem, where beneath the dark and sweltering swamps lies the deadly labyrinth of the Coup Blag where Prescot clashes with a new and terrible foe in the mazes of Scorpio!

And this is from the introduction to the Pandahem Cycle:

Dray Prescot often calls himself a plain sailorman, yet the picture he paints of himself in these narratives is highly enigmatic. In Mazes of Scorpio, the first volume of the Pandahem Cycle, a completely new era in his life begins to develop. True, he was a powder monkey in Nelson’s Navy, and clawed his way through the hawsehole to the quarterdeck to become first lieutenant of a seventy four. But he was disappointed with his posting. When the Savanti, those mortal yet superhuman people of the Swinging City of Aphrasöe on far Kregen, called him to serve as a Savapim in their schemes, he crossed the gulf of four hundred light years more than willingly.

Rejected by the Savanti, he in turn spurned them for the sake of Delia. Only through the machinations of the Star Lords was Prescot brought back to Kregen. He has fought his way on that marvelous and brilliant world of savagery and beauty, and has made a name for himself. But now all that changes.

Called to be the Emperor of Vallia, he, with his comrades, has vanquished poor old mad Thyllis, Empress of Hamal, and now seeks to create a fresh and lasting unity among all the nations of Paz. They all face a common foe in the Shanks, the Fishheads who raid their coasts. And, there are worms within the bud, secret enemies who desire only to drag all down for their own selfish ends.

Dray Prescot has been described as an immensely broad shouldered man of enormous vitality, a little above middle height, with brown hair and eyes, a man conveying an impression of passion held in check, moving with the savage grace of a wild beast of the jungle. From sources outside his own testimony we know him to be a man of complete integrity, holding within himself a cool center of calm; a passionate, dominant, commanding and yet truly humble man.

A plain sailorman? Hardly. Life on Kregen under the mingled streaming lights of Zim and Genodras, the Suns of Scorpio, has changed and matured Prescot in ways unknowable to denizens of this Earth. We can guess that his headlong career has barely begun, that the many friends and foes surrounding him, the horrendous experiences he has endured, the future perils he must face, will continue to mold his character, hardening what is already harsh, softening what is already gentle.

Further information on Mazes of Scorpio by Alan Burt Akers and its availability can be found here.