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NEW TITLE: Beasts of Antares

Volume 23 of the saga of Dray Prescot, Beasts of Antares by Alan Burt Akers is available now from fictionwise.com, cyberread.com, and other online bookstores. Beasts of Antares is the first book of the “Spikatur Cycle”.

Here is the blurb:

The marvelous adventures of Dray Prescot on Kregen, the world of wonders that orbits the twin suns of Antares in Scorpio, have become a science fiction saga to rival and perhaps surpass the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs and others of the heroic fantasy band. This lone Earthman, once a pawn of cosmic powers, now enters a new cycle of his fabulous career as he rallies the warriors of Vallia for a final stand against the foes that have encircled them – and then, in an act of true Prescot bravado, undertakes single handed to rescue three old friends from slavery in a distant land. The beasts of Antares are many and terrifying, but Prescot does not belong to the faint hearted. He will need every ounce of courage this time!

And here is the introduction to the “Spitakur Cycle” by Alan Burt Akers:

Beasts of Antares is the first volume of the Spikatur Cycle chronicling the history of Dray Prescot on the marvelous and horrific world of Kregen four hundred light-years away under the red and green fires of the Suns of Scorpio. Reared in the inhumanly harsh conditions of Nelson’s Navy, he has been transported to Kregen through the agencies of the Savanti and the Star Lords. Dray Prescot is a man above middle height, with brown hair and level brown eyes, brooding and dominating, with enormously broad shoulders and superbly powerful physique. There is about him an abrasive honesty and an indomitable courage. He moves like a savage hunting cat, quiet and deadly. The portrait he presents of himself is enigmatic and attractive.

The people of the island empire of Vallia, cruelly oppressed by invaders, call on Prescot to shoulder the burden of leading them to liberty. This he has vowed to do to the best of his ability, and then thankfully relinquish the imperium, for there are other tasks set to his hands on the unforgiving and rewarding world of Kregan.

The Spikatur Cycle brings Prescot closer to the realization of many of his dreams and each book is arranged to be read as complete in itself. He is determined to do what he feels is laid upon him; but he finds it is not so easy, particularly when the Empress Delia and his comrades are determined to keep him out of trouble. But — he is Dray Prescot, Lord of Strombor and Krozair of Zy, and that canny old leem hunter will not be prevented from buckling up the brave old scarlet breechclout and with a sword in his fist hurtling off beneath the Moons of Kregen into fresh headlong adventure.