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NEW TITLE: A Victory for Kregen

Volume 22 in the long-running saga of Dray Prescot, of Earth and of Kregen, is now available from all the usual places online, or soon will be. It is called A Victory for Kregen, by Kenneth Bulmer, writing as Alan Burt Akers, and is the final instalment of the Jikaida Cycle, which consists of four books: A Life for Kregen, A Sword for Kregen, A Fortune for Kregen and A Victory for Kregen.

Here goes the blurb…

The ending of Prescot’s stark adventures as a living chess piece in the city of blood games was to be as terrifying as the perils that had gone before. Because now that transposed Earthman had to fight his way back to his embattled Vallian homeland across a sky full of danger and a sea full of death. And when he returned – if he could – he would find the combat joined, his son at doom’s door, his troops up against superior odds, and a battle he must personally fight that would be two battles in two different places at the same time!