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NEW TITLE: Multi-Dimensional Life

Multi-Dimensional Life coverMulti-Dimensional Life is the autobiography of Moyra Caldecott. But it is more than an account of her life — it is about the experiences, inspiration and motivation for her writing. For each major work of fiction in her time as a prolific author of historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction, Moyra Caldecott gives an account of the development of the ideas that led to the writing of the book. Multi-Dimensional Life will be of interest to all struggling writers of fiction, as well as fans of Moyra Caldecott’s work.

Multi-Dimensional Life is available in ebook format from all the usual ebookstores, such as Fictionwise.com, and in paperback (published by Bladud Books) from Amazon and all good bricks and mortar bookshops (probably to special order — just quote the ISBN 978-1-84319-549-8).

Here is the blurb:

In more than thirty published books, some of them continuously in print for thirty years, the novelist Moyra Caldecott has transported her readers through ancient history and into other worlds. Her writing is a manifestation of her lifelong quest for meaning and wisdom. Now, for the first time, she reveals the many levels of her own life as a writer and the extraordinary events and experiences that have inspired her life and writing.