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NEW TITLE: Adventures by Leaf Light …

Adventures by Leaf Light coverAdventures by Leaf Light and other stories is a book of short magical fantasy stories for children by Moyra Caldecott. Some of the stories were published previously in paperback, but many have never been published before in any form. It is available immediately from Mobipocket.com and Cyberread.com, and will appear on Fictionwise.com and other good ebookstores over the next few days.

The book is also available in paperback from Bladud Books (our paperback imprint), and you can get it from Adventures by Leaf Light and Other Stories”>Amazon.com or by special order from all good high street book shops anywhere in the world.
Here is the (rather short) blurb:

Eighteen beautiful, insightful, moral, magical stories for children with Imagination — and their parents. Many have never been published before, and will be a treat for all fans of Moyra Caldecott.