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NEW TITLE: The Filberg Consortium

Filberg Consortium coverThe Filberg Consortium is the second book in The Falcon File series by Daniel Wyatt. The first title in the trilogy is The Fuerhermaster, and the third is Foo Fighters, which will be published in June. The Filberg Consortium is available now for purchase and download from most eBook retailers, especially those on the right. A free sample is also available. Here is the blurb:

It is late 1941. America has yet to enter the war. A German agent secretly lands in Great Britain with orders from Gestapo chief Heinrich Himmler and financed by I.S. Filberg, the huge German industrial cartel, to identify and kill the prisoner called Rudolf Hess. Meanwhile, in London, American agent Wesley Hollinger discovers a crucial missing section to the first Hess peace papers found near the crash site in Scotland. The paperwork itemizes sensitive Wall Street loans to Nazi war factories — deals arranged by I.S. Filberg. Hollinger doesn’t know who to turn to — his adopted England or his home country. And thousands of miles away in the Pacific a heavily-armed Japanese Task Force is heading towards Pearl Harbor… The Filberg Consortium is the second book in the Falcon File series. The first book is The Fuerhermaster and the third book is Foo Fighters.