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eBookAd no longer trading?

eBookAd.com, one of the first eBookstores, appears to be no longer trading. Therefore, our titles will no longer be available from them. It happened in April but I thought I would wait to see if they came back before making this announcement.

If this is the end, then it is a real shame. They had one of the best and easiest to use interfaces, and books appeared immediately after uploading them. Unfortunately, they appear to owe quite a few publishers (including Mushroom eBooks) quite a lot of money. For months it has been very difficult to get paid by them. For several months things had not been going well with them, but we decided to stay with them in the hope that they would weather the storm. Alas, it now seems that we should have withdrawn our books from sale at eBookAd a couple of months ago. The problems that some publishers had with getting paid has been documented on the Teleread blog.

Of course, eBookAd’s customers will also lose out. They can no longer access their online bookshelf, so will no longer be able to re-download their purchases. If you have bought any Mushroom eBooks titles through eBookAd, and no longer have access to them, please forward your proof of purchase/receipt to ebookad@mushroom-ebooks.com together with the format you prefer, and I will send you the book as an email attachment.

If I hear anything more, I will keep you posted on this blog.