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Forthcoming titles

As our publishing schedule tends to change quite a lot (sorry about that) I have made our dynamic Trello board available for all to see. So for all the drama, please visit the Mushroom Publishing Forthcoming Titles board on Trello. It is where we keep track of what is going on.

Some dates to be going on with:

  • Guardians of the Tall Stones by Moyra Caldecott (ebook 2015-07-23)
  • The Balintol Cycle I by Alan Burt Akers (hardcover 2015-07-30, paperback 2015-09-10, ebook 2015-10-22)
  • On Route 66 by Daniel Wyatt (ebook 2015-08-06)
  • The Balintol Cycle II by Alan Burt Akers (hardcover 2015-08-13, paperback 2015-09-24, ebook 2015-11-05)
  • The Spectre Cycle by Alan Burt Akers (hardcover 2015-09-03, paperback 2015-10-08, ebook 2015-11-19)
  • The Falcon File by Daniel Wyatt (ebook 2015-09-17)
  • The Egyptian Sequence by Moyra Caldecott (ebook 2015-10-01)

Edit (2015-08-24): added some dates and changed The Spectre Cycle date to one week later.