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NEW: Pennant Man by Daniel Wyatt

Pennant Man by Daniel Wyatt, is available from good ebook stores everywhere, including Amazon (for Kindle), iBooks, Smashwords, Google Play Books and Kobo, or read it with a Scribd subscription.

The blurb:

A baseball mystery novel about the breaking of the color line in major league baseball in the mid-forties…

Professional baseball hasn’t always been integrated. Up until the 1940s, there were white leagues and negro leagues. Regardless of talent, white team owners fought long and hard to keep blacks from entering their exclusive clubs. Then the Brooklyn Dodgers took the other owners on by scouting two black players of equal talent. The goal — two players breaking the color line together…

One was Jackie Robinson. The other had a past.

For more info, please see the Pennant Man page on mushroom-ebooks.com.