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NEW TITLE: Summermoon Fire by Suzanne Francis

Following on from the excellent Wintermoon Ice, Suzanne Francis gives us the second book of the “Sons of the Mariner” series — Summermoon Fire. This is a fascinating and intriguing novel, difficult to characterize, set in alternative worlds and shifting timelines, and a must read for all Suzanne Francis fans.

We meet again some of the characters first encountered in Suzanne Francis’s earlier series, “Song of the Arkafina” — consisting of Heart of Hythea, Ketha’s Daughter, Dawnmaid and Beyond the Gyre.

Summermoon Fire is available now from all good ebook stores, including Fictionwise, eBooks.com, Scribd, Wowio Sony Connect, and on Amazon.com for the Kindle.

Here is the “back cover copy”:

In the second book of the “Sons of the Mariner” series, a powerful new threat appears in Cloudy Bay, searching once again for the mirror left to Tessa Kivelson by her grandmother.

Tessa and her best friend Jane are cast into an alternative time line. Jakob, Tessa’s lover, succumbs to madness, leaving Lut to navigate this confusing new world single-handedly. Will Lut condemn his brother to life in a mental institution while Tessa helplessly floats in the twilight between life and death?

It is Suvi Markku, Tessa’s grandmother, who holds the key that will stitch together the ruptured worlds and mend Tessa’s broken heart.

For more details about Suzanne Francis, Summermoon Fire, and links to available ebook formats, please see the Summermoon Fire page on mushroom-ebooks.com

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