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The Havilfar Cycle eBook omnibus edition

The Havilfar Cycle, the second omnibus in “The Saga of Dray Prescot”, is now available in eBook formats from all good eBookStores.

eBook formats include Kindle, Sony Reader, PDF, eReader, PDF, Mobipocket, Rocket eBook, Microsoft Reader, and others, and can be obtained from any of the stores linked on the right.

The Havilfar Cycle is also available in two volumes in paperback and hard cover from all good book stores, such as Amazon.

The volume contains books six to eleven by Alan Burt Akers:

Manhounds of Antares
Arena of Antares
Fliers of Antares
Bladesman of Antares
Avenger of Antares
Armada of Antares.

The blurb:

Together, the six books in this volume make up the Havilfar Cycle of the Saga of Dray Prescot of Earth and of Kregen.

Dray Prescot is launched headlong into another series of adventures upon the planet of Kregen, that marvelous and beautiful, mystical and terrible world four hundred light-years away beneath the Suns of Scorpio. A new life opens for Dray, but that new life is cruelly different from all he expected and dreamed, hurling him into fresh adventure and danger among peoples and places far removed from those he knows and loves.

Hamal, the greatest power in Havilfar, is bent on conquest, and Prescot hates the Hamalese because he slaved in their diabolical Heavenly Mines. His mission is to discover the secrets of the Hamalese airboats for his own people.