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A Roger Taylor interview

Renai LeMay has published a great interview with Roger Taylor over at Keeping the Door. Here’s my favourite bit:

When I speak to fantasy fans about your work, a common comment is that it has more “heart” or is “more human” than a lot of other fantasy series out there. What would be your reaction to this statement, and where do you think that sense of “heart” came from in your work?

That’s really good to hear. Ironically, one – well, me, anyway – has only limited control of how stories unfold, but it was always my very clear intention to have ‘ordinary’ people in them. Superheroes can be fun, but it’s ‘plain folk’ in extraordinary circumstances that make for real drama. I can remember when I read The War of the Worlds, it was as if Wells had placed one of those towering fighting machines in the little square at the end of the row of houses where I lived – it gave me the shivers. Very ordinary, very vivid – great stuff.

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  • Renai LeMay October 19, 2009, 8:30 pm

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I’ve wanted to catch up with Roger for a long time, his Hawklan series is one of my favourites 🙂


    Renai LeMay
    Keeping the Door