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The Delian Cycle eBook omnibus edition

The Delian Cycle cover

The Delian Cycle, the first omnibus in “The Saga of Dray Prescot” is now available in eBook formats from all good eBookStores.

eBook formats include Kindle, Sony Reader, PDF, eReader, PDF, Mobipocket, Rocket eBook, Microsoft Reader, and others. The Delian Cycle is also available in paperback and hard cover from all good book stores, such as Amazon.

The volume contains the first five books by Alan Burt Akers:

1. Transit to Scorpio
2. The Suns of Scorpio
3. Warrior of Scorpio
4. Swordships of Scorpio
5. Prince of Scorpio

The blurb:

For the first time ever, the first five books in the Saga of Dray Prescot of Earth and of Kregen are brought together in this omnibus edition. Together, these five books make up the Delian Cycle, in which Dray Prescot comes to terms with finding himself on the alien world of Kregen. Here he tries to make sense of his situation: the Star Lords, the Savanti, the marvelous places, strange beasts and stranger people. And here he pursues his greatest love of two worlds, Delia of the Blue Mountains.

Containing five books: Transit to Scorpio, The Suns of Scorpio, Warrior of Scorpio, Swordships of Scorpio, and Prince of Scorpio.