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The Cotton Run by Daniel Wyatt

DWTCR_200x300 The Cotton Run is now available from all good ebookstores. Daniel Wyatt, bestselling author of the Falcon File series, The Mary Jane Mission and The Last Flight of the Arrow, has written another excellent thriller in The Cotton Run. Set during the American Civil War, it tells the story of the blockade runners, who shipped much needed supplies to the Confederates through the naval blockade off Cape Fear.

Here is the blurb:

Captain Joshua Denning is a veteran of the nighttime cotton runs through the Union blockaders off Cape Fear, near Wilmington, in 1863.

During a confrontation on the high seas outside Nassau, Denning clashes with an old adversary, Captain Robert Carlisle, from his days at Annapolis Navy Academy ten years before. The next time they meet, when Denning takes on one final blockade run, the greatest shipment of them all, only one will be victorious…

But Denning becomes distracted by Marie Keating, a beautiful, French-born woman who runs an organization that’s supplying clothing to Robert E. Lee’s army at the front.

The Cotton Run gives a different insight into the American Civil War, a story of love, hate, greed, and double-dealing that takes us deep into the exciting and dangerous world of naval combat, and the controversial blockade-running trade through the strategic Confederate port of Wilmington, North Carolina.