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NEW TITLE: The Last Flight of the Arrow

wyattlastflightofthearrow_thumbAnother exciting classic from the master of intrigue. Daniel Wyatt’s The Last Flight of the Arrow is available from all the best online ebookstores, including Fictionwise, eBooks.com, Amazon.com (for the Kindle), Mobipocket.com, and Sony. Enjoy…

Here is the blurb:

February 20, 1959, the Canadian prime minister stood before the House of Commons to announce that his government had decided to cancel the CF-105 Avro Arrow supersonic fighter-interceptor program. What were the reasons? Over three hundred million dollars had been spent on the aircraft considered by many to be twenty years ahead of its time. It was also suggested that the new missile age – brought on by the advent of the Russian satellite Sputnik – had made manned interceptors obsolete.

But what were the real reasons? And were the Americans involved?

In this tale of intrigue, the Russians plan an air strike on North America. Canadian and American Intelligence get wind of it through secret channels. The Canadians pretend to terminate the Arrow and then – with the help of the Americans – deploy the machine for what it was designed for. It’s mission: catch the Russians with evidence of its strike force. While the public mourns the death of the supersonic fighter, the Arrow blasts its way across the Pacific on a vital, long-range, photo-recon mission to save the Free World and avert World War III. Behind the controls is a hand-picked Royal Canadian Air Force pilot.

Target – Siberia.