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Dray Prescot publishing schedule update

Due to delays in receiving some of the manuscripts from Kenneth Bulmer’s agent, it has become necessary to revise the dates for publication of volumes 46 to 52 of the Dray Prescot books. Dates are now To Be Confirmed. I am hopeful that this situation will change very soon.

Publication of Intrigue of Antares [Dray Prescot #44] has gone ahead, but it will not now appear at Fictionwise until Monday, July 21 July 28.

Gangs of Antares [Dray Prescot #45] will also be published everywhere on Monday, July 28.

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  • Brian Stewart September 11, 2008, 12:01 am

    What is the latest on the Dray Prescot series? It has been some five weeks since the last publication, #45, and there has been no update at all on your website.