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NEW TITLE: Legions of Antares

The twenty-fifth volume of the saga of Dray Prescot of Kregen, and the third of the Spikatur Cycle, Legions of Antares by Alan Burt Akers, is now available from Fictionwise and all other good online bookstores.

Here is the blurb:

For too long the iron legions of the evil empress of Hamal had devastated the neighboring lands and islands of Kregen. Under the twin suns of Antares, that planet of marvels had been made a scene of carnage, rapine, and death. Dray Prescot, Earthman transported to Kregen, had battled Empress Thyliss all the way, and at long last found himself nearing the showdown of his long campaign for his new homeland. Gathering about himself old allies and former enemies, Dray prepared to challenge the empress at the very doors of her capital city, until he discovered that she was about to spring her secret weapon — the super-science of the mad wizard of Loh.