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NEW TITLE: A Fortune for Kregen

aad21thumb.gifVolume 21 in Alan Burt Akers extraordinary saga of our hero from Earth, Dray Prescot, is now published and available from all the best bookstores online, such as Cyberread.com and Mobipocket.com. A Fortune for Kregen may take a few days to appear on some other sites, like Fictionwise.com. The next title, A Victory for Kregen, will appear next week.

Here is the blurbette:

Fame and fortune may await the winners of the life and death game called Jikaida, but for Dray Prescot his triumphs seemed only to bring infamy and misfortune. An Earthman transposed to the distant world that circles the twin suns of Antares, Prescot had to find a way out of his Jikaida City exile – for his homeland needed him in its hour of danger. But it seemed that fate now would place him in an even more terrifying game – a treasure hunt played out in the illusion webbed catacombs of a haunted valley where desperate men came to find fortunes at the risk of their followers lives and their own sanity.