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NEW TITLE: Secret Scorpio

Secret Scorpio, the fifteenth book in the Dray Prescot series and the first title in the Vallian Cycle by Alan Burt Akers, is now available from mobipocket.com and cyberread.com. It will be available at fictionwise.com and the rest of the best bookstores in the next few days.

Here is the blurb:

The brightest star in the Constellation Scorpio is the brilliant double sun Antares, around which orbits the inhabited planet called Kregen. Kregen is an Earthlike world, but strange, far stranger, than ours. For it is the scene of a conflict between galactic powers who utilize its many human nations and its astonishing variety of humanoid peoples as their battleground. Dray Prescot of Earth had been a tool of those powers, but courage and ingenuity had won him a high role in the Vallian Empire and a certain independence of his own. Thus when a mysterious monster cult began to undermine the empire and when his own beloved princess became a victim of those secret schemers, Prescot had to go into action.
Secret Scorpio launches a new cycle in the magnificent history of Kregen and brings Prescot at long last into direct confrontation with the forces that had once dared make him their pawn.