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NEW TITLE: Savage Scorpio

Book number 16 in the Saga of Dray Prescot, that most thrilling of planetary adventure series, is now published. Savage Scorpio by Kenneth Bulmer writing as Alan Burt Akers, is available from all good ebookstores, including eBooks.com, fictionwise.com, ereader.com and others too numerous to mention. Look out for early-bird special offers — for example, fictionwise.com offer 15% discount off all new titles in the first week.

Here is the blurb:

Somewhere in the unmapped regions of Kregen, beneath the two suns of Antares, alpha star of the Constellation Scorpio, lies the hidden city of the Savanti. The Savanti were the ones responsible for tearing Dray Prescot away from his native Earth for their struggle against the Star Lords. And Dray had long sought the locale of his original landing because it would help solve the mystery of his transition. Now the time had come when the search must be completed without delay, for the father of his beloved Delia was a victim of assassins, and only the Savanti could undo the evil that could shatter all that Dray held dear in his second planetary homeland.

Savage Scorpio is the thrilling novel of a mission that would involve powerful forces far beyond all Prescot’s personal desires.