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ClearType for eBook reading

I got my new laptop yesterday, but I wasn’t happy with the font display. I turned on ClearType, but it wasn’t much better. So I did a search on Google, and found a ClearType Tuner provided by Microsoft to make your fonts look great. This is highly recommended, especially for reading ebooks on a PC or Laptop. It only appears to work with Windows XP, but there may be similar features or utilities for other platforms. Here is a snippet from the first step of the process (there are only three easy steps):

ClearType Tuner Step 1: Turn on Windows XP ClearType

With Windows XP, ClearType delivers improved font display quality over traditional forms of font smoothing or anti-aliasing. ClearType improves readability on color LCD displays with a digital interface, such as those in laptops and high-quality flat panel displays. Readability on CRT screens can also be somewhat improved.

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