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NEW: The Keep by Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor, author of the bestselling “The Chronicles of Hawklan” has returned with possibly the most original fantasy novel you will have read in years. The Keep is set in an imaginary world, not too dissimilar to our own. Josyff, a surveyor, is sent to the Keep by the mysterious authoritarian regime in control of the country to measure it. He doesn’t know why they are so interested in it, but soon discovers that the Keep is a very strange building with many secrets and what appear to be paranormal happenings.

The Keep by Roger Taylor is available from all good ebookstores in various ebook formats, including at Amazon for the Kindle, wowio.com, scribd.com, fictionwise.com and ebooks.com.

The blurb:

Isolated and deep in the mountains, the Keep is a disturbing place. Why would the New Order want it, and for what? But you didn’t ask questions the way things were. You kept your head down and did as you were told. Just do your job, Josyff kept reminding himself.

Yet there were strange problems with his work… and dreams… and him… and the building itself — massive, yet, somehow, changing.

And when the authoritarian Adroyan arrived at the Keep, together with his nemesis, Esyal, things became even stranger, pushing Josyff to the edge of his sanity…