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NEW TITLE: The Mary Jane Mission


The Mary Jane Mission by Daniel Wyatt is now available from Fictionwise and all other good ebookstores. It is a fast-paced, time-travel mystery thriller or technothriller which is best enjoyed in a single sitting. The Mary Jane Mission was originally published in 1992 by Random House in Canada.

Here is the blurb:

When the B29 Superfortress Mary Jane is discovered in 1945 sitting in thick jungle with no visible damage, and her crew and mysterious payload are missing, the incident is hushed up and forgotten. But in 1990, mysterious radar images start to appear. F18 crews sent up to investigate discover a B29 flying towards Japan. What is this mysterious plane? If it is the Mary Jane continuing her mission, how can they stop it?

And some reviews:

“Plenty of action … a great choice for any fan of military thrillers…” Deb Hern, The Romance Reader’s Connection.

“a fascinating story of the discovery of a plane that cannot exist, and the efforts of a number of people to solve the mystery. All lovers of stories of the Pacific and Bermuda triangles will love this book.” Robert H. Goss, www.roundtablereviews.com.