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NEW TITLE: Witches of Kregen

Volume thirty-four in the saga of Dray Prescot of Earth and of Kregen in Antares is now available from Fictionwise and all other good ebookstores. Witches of Kregen by Alan Burt Akers is the second book of the Witch War Cycle.

Here is the blurb:

When his new army was ready to march against the witch hordes, it rained frogs! It was a veritable heavy bombardment from empty skies! That’s the sort of thing Dray Prescot was up against during the war of the Nine Unspeakable Curses!

Dray was struggling to gather together his shattered empire when the witchcraft hit. He had wizards on his side, too, and very soon it became a battle of sheer courage, quick wits, and fast flying. This was more to that ex Earthman’s liking, for he knew that this time the Star Lords might be on his side. Not that he could rely on them, for they were just as likely to toss him back to Earth for a crash course in the old world’s learning!

Witches of Kregen is a mighty novel of heroic fantasy in the edge of the seat tradition!