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Mushroom eBooks on the Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle ebook reader has been available for a couple of weeks now. It has had mixed reviews, although the trend seems to be that the negative reviews are from people who don’t own the device, and the good reviews are from people who do own it.

All Mushroom eBooks titles are available for the Kindle from the Amazon.com store, most with around a 20% discount at the moment.

Alternatively, Fictionwise have announced that all their multi-format titles now have a Kindle format option. If you have already bought a Mushroom eBooks title from Fictionwise, simply go to your Bookshelf at Fictionwise.com and download the Kindle format file (or you can choose to have it emailed directly to your Kindle).

If you own the Mobipocket version of a Mushroom eBooks title, you can download it to your Kindle, either via USB from your computer, or by emailing it directly to the Kindle.

Mushroom eBooks on Kindle