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More titles from Alan Burt Akers

A lot has been happening behind the scenes over the last few weeks, and I am pleased to announce that we have concluded an agreement with Kenneth Bulmer’s estate to publish the remainder of the Dray Prescot novels as eBooks. This includes all titles from number 13 to number 52 inclusive. Books 42 to 52 have never been published in English, so this is quite a coup. We have already published books 1 to 12 and book 13 should be out next week. The plan is to publish three titles per month up to book 37, and then one per month thereafter.
The titles are:

13. Renegade of Kregen
14. Krozair of Kregen
15. Secret Scorpio
16. Savage Scorpio
17. Captive Scorpio
18. Golden Scorpio
19. A Life for Kregen
20. A Sword for Kregen
21. A Fortune for Kregen
22. A Victory for Kregen
23. Beasts of Antares
24. Rebel of Antares
25. Legions of Antares
26. Allies of Antares
27. Mazes of Scorpio
28. Delia of Vallia
29. Fires of Scorpio
30. Talons of Scorpio
31. Masks of Scorpio
32. Seg the Bowman
33. Werewolves of Kregen
34. Witches of Kregen
35. Storm over Vallia
36. Omens of Kregen
37. Warlord of Antares
38. Scorpio Reborn
39. Scorpio Assassin
40. Scorpio Invasion
41. Scorpio Ablaze
42. Scorpio Drums
43. Scorpio Triumph
44. Intrigue of Antares
45. Gangs of Antares
46. Demons of Antares
47. Scourge of Antares
48. Challenge of Antares
49. Wrath of Antares
50. Shadows over Kregen
51. Murder on Kregen
52. Turmoil on Kregen