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NEW TITLE: Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters coverFoo Fighters by Daniel Wyatt, the third and final title in the Second Word War espionage series, The Falcon File is now available in all the usual ebook formats and from all the usual eBookstores immediately. Or you can buy it from the Mushroom eBooks Store.

Here is the blurb…

It is early 1945 and Germany is losing the war. The Russians, the Americans, and the British are closing in on Berlin and Hitler’s bunker.

In this startling end-of-the-war tale two high-ranking Nazi officials–Martin Bormann and Hermann Goering–are collaborating with Wesley Hollinger and the American OSS for free passage out of Germany in exchange for blueprints to advanced German technology–jet fighters, rockets, missiles and early flying saucers, nicknamed “Foo Fighters”. The Americans are desperate to keep the Foo Fighter blueprints from reaching Russian and British hands.

Wesley Hollinger of the OSS soon realizes what World War Two is really all about–power, money, and politics.