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UPDATE: Crystal Legends

Crystal Legends coverUntil now, Crystal Legends by Moyra Caldecott has only been available for Gemstar/Rocket ebooks. It is now available in all the usual eBook formats from all the usual e-book stores.

In Crystal Legends, Moyra Caldecott retells 26 stories from myth, legend and folklore that are concerned with crystals and gemstones. Each story is followed by a Commentary by Moyra, and a list of Sources. It is extremely well researched, and the author is considered an authority in her field.

Here is the blurb:

Crystals and gemstones have been a source of fascination since Neolithic times; they endure when the bones of those they have adorned have turned to dust. Such was the profundity of crystal lore that ancient peoples incorporated crystals and gemstones as dynamic and potent symbols in their legends and myths.

In Crystal Legends Moyra Caldecott approaches crystals from a new angle, retelling stories drawn from world mythology which show the significance of crystals and precious stones as symbolic icons in a variety of traditions. In addition, she gives in-depth commentaries on their esoteric meaning and significance for us. From Buddhist and biblical texts, European and Egyptian tales, Arthurian and Atlantean legends, this fascinating collection will appeal to anyone with an interest in the power of crystals and the eternal journey of the soul towards enlightenment.